Natural solution to help regulate energy, emotions, and mood.

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An all natural solution to help regulate energy, emotions, and mood.

  • SAFE, EFFECTIVE, AND CHEMICAL FREE – Created with you and your kids in mind. This all-natural sticker patch sticks to your little one’s clothes to help kids regulate their energy, emotions, and mood using all-natural essential oils. This is perfect to help kids stay calm in school, sports, or even at home at homework time! No chemicals or other worrisome ingredients!
  • HOW IT WORKS – ZenPatch is designed to help calm the nervous system, the mind, and stimulate an overall sensation of relaxation. It works by triggering receptors in the nose, which then sends messages from the nervous system to the limbic system — the system that controls behavior and emotions. Bring on the zen-like moments!
  • KID FRIENDLY, PARENT APPROVED – End the behavioral battles with your little ones without the use of supplements or other aides that can be full of chemicals and unwanted side effects. ZenPatch is just as effective without the negative side effects for kids. Plus, it’s a fun and easy way to help your child be zen-like and calm all day long. And what kid doesn’t love an animal sticker?
  • LONG LASTING CALM -ZenPatch is tested and formulated to start working within just 30 minutes for most individuals to provide relaxation enhancement. Because of our unique nanomaterial, the essential oils in ZenPatch won’t wear out after you take the sticker out of the package. They last around eight hours – all day long! Enjoy a day of calm and peace!
  • HELP YOUR KIDS WITH BIG EMOTIONS – Does your little one struggle with big emotions? ZenPatch is safe and easy to use, just stick it on their clothes and let it go to work! ZenPatch is perfect for use at school, home, homework time, stressful events like moving, illness or big life changes and anywhere else calm is needed!


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