Waldorf Family – Autumn Wheel



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Waldorf Family – Autumn Wheel

This is our wooden Autumn decoration. Celebrate the Waldorf Seasons with hand drawn artwork faithfully printed directly onto wood (PEFC sustainably sources, CE tested for safety) Perfect to decorate the nature table or windowsill: or to become the soulful artwork in the centre of your table, a place for the candle and a focus for mindfulness.

Connecting to the seasons can be a deeply nurturing experience. Our table centres are beautiful additions to any home and also give us a physical object to bring mindful reflection to our children’s days. Autumn brings with it a dying away, we must find our strength to navigate the inner journey we will take in the winter. The Autumn Wheel reflects the changes in the natural world, celebrating the spectacular colours and transformations in the plants and the readiness of the animals as we journey through the autumn festivals, ultimately to the centre, towards Halloween and Bonfire night Equinox and Samhain.

The illustration captures Autumn with its animals and people – but more than this it gently reminds us of the rocks beneath our feet and the plants around us as we welcome the strengthening energy of Autumn.

In my family this sits at the centre of our dining room table, with little visiting figures and findings. Autumn is an amazing and powerful time, we work hard to do good and release old habits, gathering ourselves in readiness for Winter.

Made using sustainable wood.

Measures 29.5 cm.

About Waldorf Family:

“Filled with wonder, creativity and colour Waldorf Family resources help children play + learn with their hands, hearts and minds: and nurture a place for nature in the modern home.

We are inspired by nature: we want to help families thrive. We aim to nurture connection with nature and ignite wonder. We connect deeply with natural rhythms and are still head over heels in love with nature. We want to help improve play and learning for children and nurture a place for nature in the modern home.

Waldorf Family homewares and toys are manufactured in England by highly skilled trade and crafts people. We use materials sustainably sourced from the earth because they are handled with care and do no harm. Everything we create, from the box to the products, can be returned to the earth or recycled.

We are inspired by the principles of Waldorf education and other educational approaches, such as Montessori.”

About the Artist, Stephanie Green:

“I am inspired by nature: if I can help children in the built environment connect with nature and help those who do not find a good fit in the educational system find wonder in learning then I will be doing what I was put here to do.

I believe we are all here to serve – our society, our purpose. It is our job to dig deep and discover what lights our fire: for me that is drawing, painting, my family and homemaking. These personal passions were what firmly led me to create for children.

I still remember a painting that I had when I was about 6 or 7. In each corner it had so many details I remember staring at this whole other world for hours – not really sure if it was a real world – existing in that flat paper space.”

Made in England


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