Kinderfeets – Bamboo Push & Pull Animal – Rabbit



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Kinderfeets Bamboo Push & Pull Animal: Rabbit

Let your imagination go wild with Kinderfeets Bamboo Push & Pull Animal: Rabbit.

This animal is handmade of bamboo.

Each animal has a soft jingle sound when moving and has rubber rimmed wheels.


  • Made of bamboo wood
  • Both push and pull features
  • Four wooden wheels
  • Tots friendly structure
  • Attractive structure

About Kinderfeets:


The entire Kinderfeets product line encourages children to live an active, adventurous lifestyle alongside their parents. They allow children to use their imagination wildly—as the whole line encourages multiple uses and grows along with the child. Kinderfeets has grown into a trusted, premium and reputable global brand.

Inspired by traditional Dutch bikes, Kinderfeets is a play on words for the Dutch word “kinderfiets” which translates to “child’s bike.” Kinderfeets is a small training bike with a low step-through frame without pedals that allow children’s feet to touch the ground— it’s the best way to prepare them for learning to ride a full-sized bike. The collection has now grown to several different children’s bikes, all with unique features to help them learn balance and become comfortable with pedals and riding. The award-winning quality push-bike models are eco-friendly and feature a whimsical, patented design.

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