Grimm’s Book – The Weather

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We are so excited about Grimm’s Wooden Toys first ever GRIMM’S book, The Weather!

The 26-page board book uses 24 lovingly designed illustrations to tell stories about the weather and everything associated with it. The 24 chosen themes are spelled out from our GRIMM’S wooden letters and frame each illustration in both German and English.

The Weather Book is a great addition to the Grimm’s Weather Building Set or can be enjoyed all on its own!

This beautiful book was created in collaboration with the German illustrator Sarah Settgast.

Sarah Settgast illustrated almost 100 of our wooden toys and then included them into her illustrations using collage technique. There is a lot to discover in this book, because anyone who loves GRIMM’s toys will happily search for the many toys made in our workshops that are hidden in the illustrations.

Even little ones will enjoy looking and telling stories together. The capital letters are wonderful for early learning and also for the introduction to foreign language learning in primary school or at home.

And, of course, the board book is a delightful decoration for every season table.

An experience for the whole family and for all the senses!

Size: 17×17 cm
26 pages


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