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Debresk Wooden Toys

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The Debresk Large Wooden Toy Car

Debresk are the makers of high quality wood toys.

Each piece is handmade from pine & beech wood and smoothly polished with natural oil.

These toys are designed to be beautiful, to feel good to the touch and to last for many years.

length: 24 cm

height: 14 cm

Made in Sweden

About Debresk:

Quality and living materials…

Toys have to be something you want to take care of, something to protect so that it will not be damaged. In relationship to the things the child plays with it develops its relationship to the world. Let the children play with living materials, materials with life have to be taken care of. In this way we can help our children to grow up in a world worth taking care of!

Pedagogical toys…

A toy is pedagogic so far as it stimulates the fantasy and the creativity. It must cultivate in the child, an appreciation of beauty and convey an impression or knowledge about the world. Our intention is to contribute to a balance and harmony between the different senses and the intellect by the growing child, when it plays with the smoothly shaped, natural colour wooden toys.

Wear and tear and throw away…

It has also been our intension to contribute to a world where less “wear and tear and throw away” culture reigns, with its environmental and human destruction.

We hope and predict that mass produced cheap plastic toys in the long run will disappear out of the trade.


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