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Abel Tents are a play tent the likes of which you’ve never seen before!

Perfect for your backyard, beach, cottage, park, sandbox…..wherever your outdoor adventures take you.

Thanks to the specially designed tent posts, and individual sheets of fabric, there is no end to the number of ways in which this tent can be constructed.

It’s always fun to play in and, every time you set it up, you can create something new.

Abel Tents feature specially designed tent poles and individual sheets of fabric that allow for many possibilities in tent-building.

Abel tents are modular – you can extend them endlessly.

In a nutshell……the base is used to place the tent pole in.  Tent pegs anchor the fabric sheets, be it beachside or forest floor. The ring slides onto the tent pole and safely sets the height at which the sheets are attached. Buddies are used to easily connect the fabric sheets to each other.

Abel Tent 2 can be used to create larger more complex shelters as the rectangular sheets measure approximately 160cm long.

Abel Tent 2


  • 1 bag
  • 5 large triangular fabric sheets (160cm. x 110 cm.)
  • 2 rectangular fabric sheets
  • 2 center poles (135 cm.)
  • 9 pegs
  • 2 rings
  • 2 buddies
  • 2 bases
  • instruction manual

About Abel:

Two brothers, on an adventure together. Folko is the oldest, and is the father of the Abel concept. A friend of his told him about how a few pieces of plastic used in farming had kept his children busy for days – working hard to build an amazing tent. Folko was captivated by the idea of being able to design a tent which would not just be to play in, but more especially to be played WITH. He tested ideas for months. He started out with paper models, and many, many fabric models followed. Searching for the perfect shapes, and proportions for the fabric sheets. Which shapes were best, and how many of each shape were needed to create the most possibilities? How could he create something which offered so many options that you could never get bored of it? That was the question which kept him busy for months.

Folko’s brother and business partner is Jelmer. He studied teaching, specializing in Waldorf teaching methods. There he also learned about how you can use teaching materials to help with growth and development. After teaching for a while, he started guiding and coaching children. During this coaching he uses outdoor activities as materials for development and growth. This makes growing and learning fun! When his brother starting talking about his Abel idea, Jelmer immediately saw the possibilities. This play tent offers such a positive contribution to the development of children, and more importantly – it’s so much fun! It would be amazing if as many children as possible could learn more about Abel, and about themselves. Both brothers are driven by a desire to make life an adventure. Discover new things. Push boundaries. Showing Abel the world is a wonderful challenge, and a huge adventure, which will hopefully make the world a more beautiful place.


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